PDR is a highly skilled art, ( some call it magic ) in the removal of minor dings and dents on the car body, using specially developed tools dents can be literally massaged back into the original state without harming the vehicles paintwork maintaining the vehicles original manufactures finish.

PDR is a skill which has to be mastered there are many technicians who have brought tool kits thinking they can learn......but it can be compared to snooker someone can tell you how to hold a cue, which order to pot balls but without many hours of practice ..You never will be good.

Never let a novice loose on your car, let them practice somewhere else.

Some dents will be behind double skin, therefore we will be unable to gain access from behind the dent in these cases a glue pulling method is used (as illustrated on the punto n/s/r/quarter).

High line creases and points can be tapped down and improved (As illustrated on the corsa bonnet)